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It’s been said that “life is a roaring adventure or nothing at all,” and I believe that, too. I’ve never  lost the child wonder when bright colors and mystical music float through my senses. Harmony and balance are the key. Corporate careers have paid my bills, while  the thrill of producing  art and music tickled my heart strings. My creative lifetime has taken  me  through weaving, sculpture, drawing, painting, copper enameling, batiking, rug hooking, and many genres that have long ago retired to the recesses of my mind. 

 After a bout with cancer in 1990, my hands were redirected to the healing arts (Reiki, Healing Touch, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and magnetic massage), while my mind became a channel for words and feelings in stories, poems, and books.  Thus the birth of my roaring adventure book, “Angels See Through Eagles’ Eyes – The Joyful Journey of an Earth Angel,“ using the pen name, Jane Ellis Conrad.

 In 2004, I was blessed to join hearts with Frank Fileccia and move from Lake Orion, MI to Gallatin, TN.  We combined our talents to produce more art and music.  Through our One Light One Love Music Ministry, we have performed at nursing homes, senior centers, spiritual events, for Hospice patients, in parking lots, at fund raisers, animal rescue events, and anywhere someone is in need of a smile, a tune, a hug or just some loving words to show them we care. 

 Frank and I have a home based art gallery called, “Fine to Funky.”  Frank produces beautiful, fine art and graphics, while my style is more free form, colorful funk.  My current creations blend paint with wood that I call “FUNctional Art Furniture” – tables, chairs, stools, shelves, boxes — bright, colorful, functional, flowery, peace-filled, and sometimes outrageous . . . but always fun.  If a piece makes you smile, then you have captured the peace and joy that went into painting it.

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