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It’s all about love, a song, a smile, a laugh.  It’s about sharing our hearts and music with patients and residents in nursing homes, rehab centers, senior centers, assisted living facilities, hospice programs, veteran’s facilities, churches, spiritual centers, expos and special events.

Just one of many testimonials:
JTCincinnati has made a comment on MAMA’S BIBLE: Mr. Fileccia, I am a resident at Community Care of Rutherford County. You and Mrs. Fileccia performed for my fellow residents and me a few weeks ago.  Rarely am I touched, much less moved, by a song, however, as you went around the dining room, singing this song, my eyes filled with   tears. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reminding me of how precious life      and love truly is. Please continue your journey. … And may you and Mrs. Fileccia         touch more hearts.

For booking information and pricing, contact Frank or Jane Fileccia at: 615-916-0301      or email at:     Ask about our multiple booking discounts.


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